Waterways & Coastlines

Dive in: Central Coast waterways are waiting to be explored

Life on the Central Coast is defined by its interconnected waterways. For thousands of years, the salt marshes and streams, lagoons and lakes, rivers and estuaries adjacent to the Pacific coast have nourished a delicate and complex ecosystem, home to hundreds of species of marine life and plants.

With vast lakes to the north, hidden natural creeks and lagoons deep in the national parks and a stunning coastline that welcomes early morning swimmers and sunset surfers, the Central Coast is also a destination that offers endless water adventures. 

Whether you’re wading in, paddling out, slipping under, walking along, swimming through or simply admiring from the shore, the Central Coast's waterways and coastlines will offer you an incredible fresh perspective on the destination - dive in! 

Photo credit: Keira Trainor

The Central Coast below the surface: fishing, prawning, and oysters

Whether you’re wading in or dropping a line, here’s some of the best places to fish, prawn and collect oysters on the Central Coast.

person fishing on calm lake in small tinny
Credit: David Ross x Destination Central Coast
Whale Watching Central Coast Phot by James Horan
Photo by James Horan

The best whale watching spots on the Central Coast

It's easy to see the whales and seals this season! Book an ocean tour from Terrigal, picnic at one of our scenic lookouts, or take a coastal walk to witness the whales' epic journey...

Catch a break at the best Central Coast surfing spots
The Central Coast is a surfer's playground, with its salty town culture and beautiful beaches setting the scene for wave-inspired days, and with this guide to the hottest surfing spots to explore all around the Central Coast it's time to pack the boards and take-off.
Into the Deep Blue: exploring the Coast
From paddling out at Avoca to watching a whale breach off the bow and diving a world-class wreck, the Central Coast has an incredible range of Ocean Adventures to embark on

I am the Waterways

Hear from the beloved and precious waterways of the Central Coast. Since ancient times these waterways have provided life to plants and animals. Through your actions everyday you can protect our waterways. It starts with a conscious awareness of the visible condition of our lakes, streams, shorelines and seascapes.

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