Local Makers & Creators

Local makers and creators are continually shaping the Central Coast into a truly magnetic destination.

Within our vibrant region you will discover a spectrum of unique makers, creators, producers and innovators who are delighting the Central Coast with their skilful creations. Offering workshops, making custom pieces, creating cultural artworks, farming sustainably and designing for the international fashion space, the maker scene on the coast is fast becoming a big attraction. 

From painters to potters, organic farmers and furniture makers and distillers to designers, as a destination we lucky to have these makers and creators calling the Central Coast home. 

Handmade trinket dishes by Kyralee Shields

Potty for pottery

From cute as a pip tea cups and mini nesting pots trinkets, to decorative platters and one of a kind lights, we are all fired up about our local ceramists.

Crafting handmade items for your home or bringing you workshops so you can have a go, these clay-mazing artists are not to be missed.

Centered Ceramics honey pots
Photo by Centered Ceramics, Umina Beach
Sustainable businesses for good
These Central Coast businesses are kind to the planet and thinking beyond profit making. Instead focusing their responsibility for sustainable practises to contribute to the health of the environment.
Nicole Berlach; Video produced by Israel Cannan

Nicole Berlach: The Central Coast is a blank canvas for a creative future.

Learn what local Nicole love about calling the Central Coast home.

Grant Molony, Artist and Maker: From studio to surf, there’s endless inspiration on the Central Coast.

Learn what local Grant Molony loves about calling the Central Coast home.

Grant Molony: Video produced by Israel Cannan
Loughlin Furniture hand crafted cabinet
Handcrafted cabinet by Loughlin Furniture

Snapshot of local designers on the Central Coast

Meet the Central Coast designers shaping the Coast's fashion and lifestyle. From sleek homewares to contemporary styles, there is a new wave of makers, creators and innovators injecting a fresh new energy to the coast. 

Discover the newest makers and creators on the Coast
We have collated all our monthly 4 Fresh Finds stories in one place so you can easily browse all the unique, exciting and shiny new things appearing on the Coast!
Firescreek winery glasses

A boozy boutique trail

Whether you fancy an ice cold pale ale on a stinking hot day, a crisp fruit wine or a soothing whiskey, there is a trail of local brewers, distillers and wine makers ready to welcome you.

Take a sip, stay for a while and discover the boutique brewers making a big difference in our region.

The freshest finds on the coast

Discover all things new!

From a collection of new things to do, new places to eat and drink, new makers and creators to explore and new places to stay, each month we highlight some of the new ideas to discover in our region.

The earth collective tote bags
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