4 Fresh Finds: New things to try on the Coast

Ship hull as lookout over waterway
Ship hull as lookout over waterway
Wondering what's new to explore on the Central Coast this month?
Well you've stumbled upon the perfect article with four of the freshest things on the Coast this summer

There is so much to explore on the Central Coast, with more than 40 beaches to wade into, a network of wildlife-rich lakes, lagoons and waterways, five national parks and five state forests with walking and cycle trails, seaside villages dotted with casually-cool dining and al fresco bars, a produce-rich hinterland and variety of accommodation styles. 

And add in the many new natural, culinary, creative and cultural experiences across the region...where do you start?

We've picked four of the freshest experiences this month to get you started. Get your calendar out and add these ideas for something different on the Central Coast.

woman getting a spa treatment lying on massage bed
Relax at Kondou by Sara Wells Skin
Photo credit: Kondou by Sara Wells Skin
Treatment room low light and welcoming
Japanese inspired spa treatment
Photo credit: Kondou by Sara Wells Skin
Fresh Find #1 - Something new to do
The ease of wellness

Ease into specialised wellness treatments at Kondou by Sara Wells Skin. Fresh and invigorating, Kondou in Kincumber beckons you as a new gem on the wellness landscape. The name "Kondou" reflects the essence of the Japanese concept of time, the present moment, the "now" here, time is a gift, and visitors are invited to lose themselves in a pause that transcends the ordinary.

Intrigued by the Japanese commitment to nature, aesthetic sense and reverence for tradition, the founder was inspired to create a haven that embodies Japanese life concepts: 

  • Ikigai - to live with purpose and passion.
  • Wabi-sabi - to see beauty in imperfection and strive for excellence not perfection;
  • Mottainai - to embrace essentialism and live sustainably;
  • Shin-Gi-Tai - to keep a healthy body and a sound mind.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Kondou by Sara Wells Skin, where every moment is an opportunity to align with the Japanese principles that inspire a life well-lived.

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Cocktail on wooden table with slice of orange and mint leaves
Photo credit: Tiki Cove
Sign on a palm tree with Tiki Bar
Photo credit: Tiki Cove
Fresh Find #2 - New places to eat & drink
Enjoy elaborate drinks

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Tiki Cove, a hidden gem within the heart of Gosford's CBD, where Bay Road Brewing has created a tropical paradise that beckons all adventurous souls. The cocktail bar and beer garden is an extension of the renowned Bay Road Brewing.

As you step into Tiki Cove, be captivated by the vibrant and chilled interior adorned with whimsical waves, swaying hula girls, and distinctive tiki elements. Take a seat in the lush garden and let your taste buds dance with delight as you savour the exquisite tropical cocktails that transport you to faraway shores. With a diverse range of cocktails, aptly named such as Shark Bait & Coral Sea, there's a libation for every palate. The bar's bright, light-filled interior exudes chilled coastal vibes, offering a sanctuary away from the daily hustle and bustle. 

Whether you're seeking a casual hangout, a celebratory event, or simply a day of relaxation, Tiki Cove has you covered. Escape to this tropical oasis, where the fusion of tropical flavours, coastal vibes, and exceptional beer awaits to elevate your senses and create unforgettable memories. 

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Colourful Aboriginal Art
Artwork by Judith Franklin
Colourful Aboriginal art
Artwork by Judith Franklin
Fresh Find #3 - New maker & creator to explore
Indigenous female artist

The NSW Central Coast is home to over 2,985 registered Aboriginal Sites of significance and cultural importance. We are fortunate enough to have some incredible local Indigenous artists who share their Aboriginal Art with our community.

One of those talented female Indigenous artists is Judith Franklin, a contemporary Indigenous artist, printmaker, and a proud Darkinjung woman living on the Central Coast. Painting for all her life, Judith uses a variety of mediums and has studied painting and printmaking at Newcastle University and TAFE.

After an encounter with her uncle, an Elder, she was encouraged to go back to Aboriginal Art and tell her stories on canvas. Her artwork depicts her journey and experiences of family, friends and connections across the generations.

Today, Judith continues to tell her stories on canvas sharing her heritage and will be part of an exhibition at the Wollombi Fire Shed..

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Coastal theme table with chairs
Photo credit: Ohana on Hutton
Accommodation bedroom cream, white and tan coastal theme
Photo credit: Ohana on Hutton
Fresh Find #4 - New places to stay
Rest your head in coastal charm

Indulge in the coastal charm of Ohana On Hutton, your idyllic haven just steps away from the pristine North Entrance Beach on the Central Coast of NSW.

Immerse yourself in a blend of comfort and style within their luxurious one-bedroom villa, where the sun, sea, and surf are not just outside your doorstep but woven into the very fabric of your stay. Relax in the plush accommodation featuring a queen bedroom, a fold-out double sofa lounge, and a well-appointed bathroom. The open-plan kitchen, dining, and lounge areas seamlessly connect to a private front porch and deck, while a charming fire pit invites you to unwind under the stars.

Ohana On Hutton offers more than just a retreat; it's an experience. With direct beach access, you can seamlessly transition from the tranquillity of your villa to the lively atmosphere of The Entrance, just a short walk away. Cafes, pubs, and boutique shops await, making every moment an opportunity for discovery. Ohana On Hutton a coastal retreat tailored for those who seek sun-soaked serenity and the soothing rhythm of the waves.

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