Sparking creative culture with Glitta Supernova

Sparking creative culture with Glitta Supernova

From art exhibitions to theatres, workshops to festivals, everyone's invited to be part of the sparkling creativity blooming on the Central Coast.
Glitta Supernova
Creative Director of Naughty Noodle Fun Haus, Ettalong

Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is a contemporary multi-arts and culture organisation based at Ettalong Beach where diversity is not just celebrated, it’s the norm. Producing an array of events, from music to theatre, to cabaret to film, the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus has created a uniquely vibrant community that engages artists and audiences with contemporary ideas and issues.

At its helm as creative director, the vivacious Glitta Supernova shares her favourite things to do around the Central Coast when she’s away from the Fun Haus...

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"Being able to just sit on the beach at Umina with my huge thermos of tea and stare out to the horizon reconnecting with the energy of the Central Coast, it's a very powerful land. I also love spending time with nature, going for bush walks or kayaking along Patonga Creek. You don't need to wait until you're retired to enjoy this special place."

You’re not from the Central Coast originally, what brought you here?

My partner and I were holidaying in Sicily, bobbing around in the Mediterranean Sea and staring across to the mountains when we simultaneously had a lightbulb moment: “OMG – why do we need to wait till we are retired to live the life we want?” At the time we were living in inner-Sydney, and as soon as we returned to our busy patch among planes, trains and automobiles, we started looking for somewhere to live outside of Sydney. We literally used a compass to dictate how far we would go and it landed on Umina Beach, so we drove up the next weekend and immediately fell in love with the beachy vibes, bush and quirky fibro beach houses. That was 2011 - and we haven’t look back since.

What events do you hold at the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus?

Expect the unexpected! Immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages. At the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus, we produce theatre, live music, art exhibitions, film nights, dance parties, workshops as well as the annual Coastal Twist Arts & Culture Festival, and anything and everything else in between. We've recently launched our Creative Youth Arts program YAAS (Young Authentic & Social), creating a safe space for marginalised youth on the Central Coast, so watch this space for more inspiring youth-based activities.

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What impact has the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus had on the Central Coast community?

Three years ago, if someone said people would travel to the Central Coast for cutting-edge contemporary entertainment, it would have been considered an impossible idea. Today we have up to 33 per cent of visitors to the region, enabled volunteers with paid work and supporting local businesses, through a new unique identity and product for the region.

We [Naughty Noodle Fun Haus] are now the number-one thing to do in Ettalong Beach on Trip Advisor. The Naughty Noodle Haus is ultimately a space for all ages, all cultures, all abilities, all bodies, all sexualities and gender expressions to enjoy some of the best eclectic and vibrant multi-arts on the planet – a big call, and I stand by it.

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Umina Beach
Credit: Instagram: @merrillie

What do you do in your downtime around the Coast?

Downtime is hard to come by, so it’s very much about regeneration: chilling and connecting with myself, my partner, my poodles, my chickens, my home (I love renos and gardening), my family and friends. The ultimate downtime for me is taking my super massive thermos full of tea and setting up some chairs at Umina Beach for the day. I just love staring out into that horizon of the Bouddi Peninsula, Umina headlands and Lion Island – it fills me up with joy - and so does the tea.

Where is the first place you would take a visitor?

It would be to the beach, bushwalking or kayaking. The Central Coast is a very special and powerful land, she has nurtured and supported my creativity and dreams and every time I step into the bushland I am wrapped up in that energy. My favourite walks are the Patonga to Pearl Beach track, especially during the Waratah flower season, and the Bouddi Coastal Walk from Macmasters Beach to Killcare, which is a long and wild journey. For kayaking, Patonga Creek is awesome for a strenuous paddle, or Cockrone Lagoon at MacMasters Beach is a more serene experience.

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Margarita Daze, Umina Beach
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South End Social, Gosford

Do you have a favourite local café or restaurant?

I love entertaining at home, but when I do go out it’s all about the vibe and experience. I love sitting on the deck at Margarita Daze in Umina with mates, or enjoying a yummy lunch at the amazing new Hotel Gosford and early supper with the South End Social crew.

You have fabulous style – any tips for great places to shop around the Coast?


I see clothing as an extension of my creative expression. My style is eclectic and colourful, clashing prints and colours, a mix of retro, camp, punk, drag, leisure, tropical, costume and fantasy. I am not a fast-fashion shopper and get my clothing and accessories from independent designers, op shops and local markets, I also make clothes myself because they don’t exist yet anywhere other than in my mind. Some of my fave signature items are from Lifeline and St Vincent de Paul at Woy Woy, and I also love the Terrigal Vintage Fair and Woy Woy Car Boot Sale.

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Cockrone Lagoon
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Coastal Markets
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Bouddi Coastal walk
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This article was written by Megan Arkinstall, with videography by Israel Cannan, and photography by James Horan, as part of the region's inspiring local Maker & Creator community supported by Love Central Coast.