Get out and about with the Lost Lesbians

Get out and about with the Lost Lesbians

Discover weird and wonderful nature experiences with the creators of the Explorers Guide to the Central Coast.
Kayla Brockett and Nicole Squires
The Lost Lesbians

After both swiping right on Tinder in 2018 Kayla Brocket and Nicole Squires were inseparable within a week. Kayla had just moved back to Newcastle from Canada and was soon moving to the Coast to live closer to Nicole. The couple share a love of the great outdoors and as well as sharing travel tips and Kayla’s photography on Instagram @thelostlesbians they have released The Explorers Guide to the Central Coast with 42 of the best hikes, waterfalls and views in the area.

Kayla joins us to share some of their favourite spots on the Central Coast.

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What do you love most about the Coast?

“The laid-back lifestyle and scenery. We love that it feels like a sleepy beach town no matter where you are. Plus, the views along the coast are to die for. There’s so much to explore, so no matter what the weather is we can find something from secluded beaches, lookouts, mountains.

What does a typical weekend day on the Central Coast look like for you?

Generally, we’ll head to the gym in the morning, grab a coffee and then go for a hike in the afternoon. We try to get out for a hike once a week so we can be back in nature and switch off a little bit from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

What are some of the weird and wonderful nature experiences that you like to share with your friends and Instagram followers?

One of the weirdest places on the coast is the Gosford glyphs. We’ve been a few times now and it’s honestly baffling. Nobody really knows the origin of them. Were they authentic glyphs? (Probably not). Are they a prank? (Probably). It obviously meant something to someone at some point.

The Emerald Pool is also fantastic if you don’t mind a bit of a trek. The natural pools are so cold and refreshing even in summer, and swimming under a waterfall in crystal green water is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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What inspired you to write The Explorers Guide to the Central Coast?

Trying to find hikes for ourselves online. We found there wasn’t really anywhere that could give you enough info on hikes that was user friendly and also had accurate info. 

Usually when you Google ‘Central Coast hikes’ you’ll be greeted with the same five or six hikes on repeat and can’t really find anything new or unique. So this led to creating the book to make it easier for people to get out and start enjoying nature. 

It still has the popular locations like Somersby Falls but also includes a lot of trails which are just as beautiful but don’t see the same level of traffic. 

The Central Coast has ECO Destination status. What are your tips for travellers to explore our region sustainably?

The biggest tip is to leave no trace. If you pack it in your bag make sure you pack it out and find a bin. There’s nothing worse than making it a lookout or waterfall and seeing bags of McDonald’s, water bottles and bags of chips everywhere. Not only is it bad for the environment but it’ll ruin the experience for other people as well.

Also don’t move rocks. Rock stacking is popular on hiking trails and beaches as they mark the trail or point to a landmark but it’s become popular on social media and moving the rocks damages the eco systems, changes river flows and can disorientate hikers if they aren’t part of the official trail.

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Green Tangerine, Long Jetty
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Burnt Honey, Long Jetty

What are your tips for seeing nature after dark on the Central Coast?

It sounds cliché but be quiet. Amazing things happen when you’re quiet. We’ve had amazing experiences with wallabies, echidnas, dingos and lizards all from being quiet. Noise generally scares them away so being quiet will make them feel safer to get in view. 

Norah Head gets amazing bioluminescence sometimes. Kayla’s actually seen it at The Entrance once, which was pretty amazing.

Where are your favourite local spots to shop?

We love food, so love getting baked goods from artisanal bakeries like Burnt Honey in Copacabana.

Where is your favourite spot for a morning coffee?

The Green Tangerine in Long Jetty easily has the best brekkie and coffee in town. 

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Il Toscano, Long Jetty
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The Entrance Social Club, The Entrance

And your favourite sundowner session spot?

Being locals to The Entrance we generally don’t steer far from home for drinks so we can walk home. The Entrance Social Club has amazing cocktails and a really cool vibe. They’ve covered a lot of the walls in murals and the beer garden has great view of the channel. You usually get a great reverse sunset from here on a summer’s day.

How about your favourite restaurant?

Il Toscano at Long Jetty! Their pasta is to die for! 

And what would be your one piece of advice for an aspiring photographer on the Coast?

Be annoying and take photos of everything. It’s the easiest way to find your style and become comfortable with your camera. You’ll also quickly find what you actually like to take photos of. 

This article was written by Amanda Woods, with photography by Liam Jon as part of the region's inspiring local Maker & Creator community supported by Love Central Coast.