Gosford Regional Gallery

Woman looking at the art adorning the walls of the Gosford Regional Gallery
Gosford Regional Gallery

Step inside a local gallery and immerse yourself in the world of art

Set on 26 hectares of public reserve in the heart of East Gosford on the shores of Caroline Bay is the Gosford Regional Gallery.  A creative space that provides a cultural and educational resource for the community, as well as a place to explore local, national and international artists.

Incorporating the Edogawa Commemorative Garden, a beautiful Japanese styled garden, the Gosford Regional Gallery offers 3 exhibition spaces, a cafe and space for workshops. 

Enjoy exploring the gallery, entry is free and the gallery is open from 9:30am-4pm daily.

Gosford regional Gallery
18 November 2023-11 February 2024


Conceived as a collaborative activist gesture, OCCURRENT AFFAIR addresses current socio-political, economic and environmental issues, while celebrating the strength, resilience and continuity of Aboriginal culture. Engaging wordplay through its title, OCCURRENT AFFAIR references the sensational journalistic style of some television current affair programs. OCCURRENT AFFAIR embraces the slippage between language and its associated readings to probe and present new narratives. The exhibition will reflect on the ongoing state of affairs affecting Aboriginal communities – issues that are relevant to all Australians.

A Glint of Koi: Significant Artwork from the Permanent Collection
The Central Coast Council Art Collection is a diverse array of artworks that together tell us a little about the changing character of our region over the past 50 years. 20 April - 09 June 2024

James Forbes Flynn: Showcasing Art

Since 2009, James Forbes Flynn’s journey of contemporary art exploration and experimentation has culminated to produce his current styles of portraiture, landscape and figurative art. He covers a wide variety of subject matter using mediums of both oil and acrylic. James’s passion lies predominately in his heavy impasto works, which have been sold locally, nationally and internationally.

James's passion for art expressed itself at an early age when he was encouraged by his art teacher, who became a great mentor. James was accepted into the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney and has always drawn and painted. It is only in the past fourteen years, however, that James has turned to art as a career path. He has shown his art in both solo and group exhibitions in Queensland and Victoria, and continues to explore his passion for art.

James Forbes Flynn: Showcasing Art
1 - 14 February 2024

The Makers Studio Central Coast Dress Code: Behind the Seams

Delve into the complexities of societal norms and power structures to find unexpected cultural values. Discover how gender and expectations intertwine, transforming self-expression. These rich tapestries of life and times will instigate reflection on the environmental impact of fashion and our urgent need for change. Dress Code: Behind the Seams invites you to contemplate the threads that weave our world together, sparking conversations about identity, agency, and the unspoken language of clothing.

Makers Studio Central Coast Dress Code
06 July - 11 August 2024
Ralph Podolski: A Life of Time and Chance
A survey exhibition of artwork by Central Coast resident, Polish-born painter Ralph Podolski, a survivor of the German invasion and occupation of Poland who joined the Polish Resistance Movement at the age of fifteen. 13 January - 25 February 2024.