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Explore with Detourist

Detourist takes visitors on a unique guided 4x4 off-road tour to the Watagan National Park. (Detourist is NOT a tag along).

Here you will experience a remote and secluded drive deep into the Australian bush on bumpy and rough tracks which can only be accessed by 4x4 off-road vehicles. Go for a bushwalk, see breathtaking lookouts, explore hidden gems, connect with nature, spotting flora and fauna.

For those who do not want to go 4x4 off-road, you can take a Scenic tour from bush to the beach on the Central Coast. Go for a bushwalk to see waterfalls, lookouts, see a unique hidden gem, admire the beautiful beach's and take a scenic coastal walk along the ocean.

Pick a tour and experience an adventure for a whole day.

Visit Detourist:

Customer pick up is between 6am & 8am.

Tour times may vary depending on pick and drop off locations outside of a 15 km radius from Gosford.

see phone number 0413309007
Central Coast, NSW, Australia
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