TreeTops launches Australia's first NetWorld

In an Australian first, adventure-lovers and thrill-seekers alike can bounce, leap and explore amongst the highest peaks of the picturesque Ourimbah State Forest, following the official launch of TreeTops’ newest attraction – TreeTop NetWorld.

A dynamic fusion of play, adventure and discovery, NetWorld – which opened today – invites visitors to navigate their way through a mammoth network of netted-trampolines, ball pits and walkways, all suspended five meters high in the canopies of lush bushland on the Central Coast.

Complete with seven unique “rooms” and five funky tree houses, NetWorld is the latest impressive milestone in sustainable tree-based adventure where visitors are encouraged to embrace nature in a way that is both sympathetic to the environment and fantastic to their health.

"The nation spent 21.9 billion hours browsing the Internet last year - that's an average of 876 hours per person, which is more than an entire month lost online," she said.


The unveiling of the free-roam, all-age net park aligns perfectly with this years’ World Health Day and follows on from recent data which highlights a large portion of the population is extremely unhealthy.

Australia’s Health 2018 by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that 63% of Australians aged 18 and over, and more than 28% of children aged 5-17 are overweight or obese and lack the required physical activity to keep their hearts healthy and their bodies happy.

TreeTops General Manager, Sandrine Gaymard, said NetWorld was an initiative that could help encourage Australian families, even the most sedentary, to get out and be active in the great.

“The nation spent 21.9 billion hours browsing the Internet last year – that’s an average of 876 hours per person, which is more than an entire month lost online!

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NetWorld is a great new attraction that will help encourage Australians to get off the net and into the nets,” Sandrine said. “Its beauty is that it disguises physical activity as something fun, exhilarating and never seen before.

“The elasticity and energy that the nets provide means that several muscles throughout the body are activated, forcing visitors to defy gravity, push their limits and reach new strengths in ways they could never imagine.

“NetWorld is jam-packed with adrenaline, and the freeing sensation of flying as you bounce in the nets is what will ultimately drive young Australians to get active again.”

Complete with vertical challenges, a rollercoaster zipline and an adventure park, the addition of NetWorld to TreeTops Central Coast is set to boost the regions’ economy and stimulate new interest – from Sydney all the way through to interstate.

Already proven a hit in Europe, TreeTops plans to take NetWorld from the Central Coast and duplicate its success amongst the remaining four tree-based adventure parks across NSW’s eastern seaboard.

“Whether it be in France or Norway, Belgium or Spain, aerial adventure parks have established themselves as the new craze in outdoor play and discovery,” Sandrine said.

“We’re the first to bring this craze to Australia and hope to branch out nation-wide to get Aussies active again – getting them off their bums and into the bush.”

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