Koala "twins" have people seeing double

In a first at the Australian Reptile Park, two koala joeys have been dubbed as ‘twins’ to adopting mother, Molly. After initially having one joey to begin with, Molly has become a wonderful adoptive mother as she welcomed another unwanted joey in her stride.
The Australian Reptile Park has reached out to the public to help name the dynamic duo. They’re both playful and will do anything for the freshest eucalyptus on offer. They keep mum on their toes with their playful antics and mammal keepers are confident that the public will be able to pick the best names. Fans of the park are encouraged to comment on their latest social media video of the pair with their name suggestions. 
So far the video has over 8,000 views after only being posted an hour ago, and a few commenters are already suggesting their name ideas. Popular names include: Megan & Kate, Snugglepot & Cuddle pie, Polly & Jolly, with hundreds of ideas pouring in.  
“Koalas don’t have twins or triplets,” said Tim Faulkner, General Manager. “If they did it would be very rare, but just as rare is a single koala caring for up to two babies at one time!” Mr Faulkner continues, “Molly had one baby girl, while the other koala joey’s Mothers milk had dried up. With no other option, the other joey was left to find some! Thankfully Molly was welcoming and happy to take on a second child!”
By this point, the babies are actually weaned from milk and find their nutrients from eucalyptus leaves now, but Molly is such a nurturing mother that they’re both still very much seen cuddling and bonding almost always.

Image with caption

Guests to Australian Reptile Park can visit Molly and her babies in the koala enclosure.  She is often seen sleeping with both cuddled in her arms or climbing the eucalyptus alongside her joeys.
At the current rate of decline, koalas are on track to become completely extinct by 2050. Koala numbers have plummeted by a third in the 20 years between 1990 and 2010 due to habitat destruction, deforestation, fragmentation, cars and dogs. The Australian Reptile Park has a population of over 40 koalas and is expanding with plans to move into a koala conservation project in the coming years that specifically assists the wild population. With the Park continually breaking records of their breeding numbers year on year, they will not stop until more is done to protect the iconic species.
The Australian Reptile Park is a hands-on zoo located the natural bush setting of the Central Coast of NSW, only 60 minutes from Sydney or Newcastle and recently won 2018 NSW Business of the Year. Visitors can enjoy live entertaining shows, themed exhibits and interaction with many of the wildlife sanctuaries residents. The Park is open daily from 9am-5pm, with complimentary parking and BBQ facilities. More information at www.reptilepark.com.au 

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