Experience the powerful Exposure 2021 photographic exhibition

The Exposure photographic program returns this June, bringing the art of storytelling to the Central Coast community.
The images are sentimental and also challenging. The work of 17 local photographers will be exhibited alongside some of the best photographers in Australia, creating a local and national account of the past year.​​​​​​​

Art has the power to revitalise communities and build a sense of belonging, connection and healing. In celebration of this, you are invited to the Central Coast’s annual photographic program – Exposure – returning this June to galleries at Gosford and The Entrance. 

This year’s Exposure exhibition tells the story of recent world events, and will be on traditional display for the public, but now also with a dynamic virtual tour available.

This must-see exhibition reminds us how powerful the art of storytelling can be and showcases a moment in time. Exposure seeks to celebrate creative talent and provide career pathways for resident photographers.

Exposure has been led by Central Coast Council since 2014 and each year it evolves. This year, Council has partnered with the Head On Foundation to deliver a jointly curated exhibition. The most outstanding photographers to enter the Exposure program were invited to exhibit. This commission is an opportunity to develop new work and present it to the public.

See the exhibition catalogue

Click here to view the complete exhibition catalogue for Exposure 2021

Traditional exhibition   

  • Location: Parkhouse, Gosford
  • Time: 10am to 3pm daily
  • Opening: Monday 7 June 2021
  • Closing: Sunday 20 June 2021


Pop-up exhibition

  • Location: Memorial Park, The Entrance
  • Time: 10am to 3pm daily
  • Opening: Monday 7 June 2021
  • Closing: Sunday 20 June 2021


Virtual tour

Experience Exposure through our virtual tour, a new feature for this year's exhibition. Over 50 photographic works can be experienced online from the comfort of your home. In case you cannot gather, we hope that this will allow everyone to see how wonderful the art of storytelling can be.

Images direct from the exhibition

The gallery below offers a taste of the beautiful and powerful photographic work featured in Exposure 2021. This year's exhibition is a personal account of the things that tested us, and a moment our time has never seen before. It shows us that art has the capacity to revitalise communities and build a sense of belonging, connection and healing. 

Featured images include:

  • 'Water Dance' by Hilda Bezuidenhout – The ocean reminds us that we are part of something bigger.
  • '2020 Vision' by Maddie Pleash – Nobody could see into the future and ever thought that this was going to occur
  • 'The Persistence of Loss – Canary Warf' by Ann Evans – Our loss had become a part of history
  • 'Night' by Faith Cass by – Abandoned future plans to the pause of our dreams.
  • 'Boxed In' by Alicia Joughin – We felt boxed-in in our houses, not knowing what was happening on the outside.
  • 'Gold' by Tzavier Dean Raschilla – ...there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • 'One More' by Lucy Arnautova – ...were still allowed into the ward and it was absolutely beautiful that everybody could come and stay there as long as it was needed.

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