Making wellness a priority with Kirra and Rosie

Making wellness a priority with Kirra and Rosie

From where to get the best smoothie bowls to the trendiest sweat sessions in town, discover the Central Coast’s wellness hot spots.
Kirra Powe and Rosie Leek
Active Nation, Erina

Valuing wellness and health as much as one another, Active Nation's owner Kirra Powe and personal trainer Rosie Leek are the Central Coast duo putting a positive spin on women's health, wellness and exercise.

With both Leek and Powe being qualified personal trainers working out of their Erina-based women's only gym, Active Nation, the pair are regularly on the go. Whether they are training clients, running errands or training themselves, both women agree that living on the Central Coast has definitely had a positive impact on both their mental and physical wellbeing.

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Rosie Leek, Active Nation, Erina
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Kirra Powe, Active Nation Owner, Erina

What do you love most about the Coast?

“We are so lucky to live in a place that allows you to stay active. We have so many places to go bushwalking beautiful beaches to surf and swim, and of course, so many places to work on your fitness and wellbeing.”

What does a typical weekend look like for the two of you living on the Central Coast?

Rosie: Over the weekend we are either training together on a Sunday morning or I’m enjoying a book and surfing at Umina Beach.

Kirra: I definitely get an early morning gym session in, go grab a coffee and then walk the dog around East Gosford! My partner and I love trying new restaurants and food spots all around the Coast too.

Where do you both love to stop for a healthy snack or smoothie bowl?

Rosie: I love getting a smoothie and snack from the little cafe across from our gym Living Gourmet in Erina. Protein shakes and bliss balls are so delicious for an after-workout snack.

Kirra: I have to agree with Rosie again on this one - Living Gourmet is amazing! They have the best healthy high-protein meals and snacks. I love their smoothies, and chicken and salad wraps.

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Is there a particular outdoor walking or running trail that you both regularly enjoy doing?

Kirra: Definitely Bouddi National Park and Somersby Falls. I don’t mind a few laps up and down the Skillion at Terrigal either.

Rosie: Love walking the Bouddi Coastal track or through Hardy's Bay and up Blackwall Mountain to the lookout, plus the trail down to Lobster Beach.

What are your top tips for staying active and healthy on the Central Coast?

Rosie: We are so lucky to live in a place that allows you to stay active. We have so many places to go bushwalking, beautiful beaches to surf and swim, and of course, so many places to work on your fitness and well-being (gyms, studios, & therapies). My tips would be to find what you like about movement, whether that is weightlifting, running, walking, or swimming and finding a community to do that with. When you have a community of people to do it with and hold you accountable, staying healthy is a lot more motivating and fun.

Kirra: My number one tip for staying active and healthy is to take yourself on a daily 30-minute walk. It’s so great not only for your heart, lungs and fitness but for your mental health. I also absolutely agree with Rosie, we are so lucky to have so many different activities available to us on the Coast. I agree that finding a community is definitely the way to go. Staying active becomes something you look forward to because you get to catch up with friends.

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Bouddi National Park by James Vodicka

What advice would you give to those living on the Central Coast and looking to improve their fitness?

Rosie: Community and enjoyment play such a big role in staying consistent and inspired with your training. Here at Active Nation these are some of the main pillars in what makes the gym what it is. Being in a community of like-minded women who are learning to lift weights, and finding confidence within themselves through that process, has been the conduit for major transformation in a lot of these women's lives.

Not only are they improving their fitness levels but they are also improving their overall wellbeing by being a part of a supportive community. If you want to increase your fitness levels, find something you enjoy and find a community you feel safe, seen, and supported in. This will keep you going.

Kirra: I absolutely agree with Rosie on this one, she hit the nail on the head! Find something you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to try something new all by yourself. Remember we all start somewhere, you might discover something that you love. 

Outside of exercise what activities do you both enjoy doing as a form of self-care?

Kirra: Walking! I walk so much, I love being outside, especially walks on the beautiful Central Coast beaches.

Rosie: I love walking my dog down at the beach, swimming & surfing in the ocean, practicing yoga, and being in the forest.

This article was originally authored by Phoebe Blogg and photography by Liam Jon, as part of a Love Central Coast grant project brought to you by Destination Central Coast, and jointly funded by the Australian and NSW governments under the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund. To maintain accuracy, some editorial changes may have been made since publication.