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Full Circle Farm

Organic and sustainable meat

Full Circle Farm is a pasture-based, regenerative farm located in the beautiful Dooralong Valley, Central Coast NSW. We farm in a way that is ecologically enhancive and respects both the animal and its environment.

Everything we do is based on capturing as much solar energy as possible, growing as much grass as possible, using animals to eat the grass and cycle back nutrients to the soil. Nature has no waste basket, it has cycles. We strive to close the loop, mimicking a healthy ecosystem where animals are a vital part of creating a bio-diverse and healthy landscape.

We believe in respectful animal husbandry, ensuring that all of our animals are given the best possible life on our farm. Our animals live in a stress-free environment. We don’t need cattle prods or whips. They are allowed to act as they would in the wild. Chickens chase grasshoppers, and cattle graze. They are not in unsanitary confinement farms or feedlots. They are in open pastures and breathe clean air.

We encourage our customers and the community to get back in touch with where their food comes from. We have regular farm tours, where you can come and see firsthand our animals and how we farm. 

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