A botanical oasis with Stef

A botanical oasis with Stef

Find the perfect meeting point of art, design and nature on the Central Coast, with quirky bakeries, organic cafes, vintage threads, surf shops and coastal vistas all vying to be your new favourite.
Stef Rusbourne
Mowgli Studios, Long Jetty

A relative newcomer to the Central Coast, Stef moved here in mid 2019 from the NSW’s Coal Coast, persuaded by his now business partner Cassandra Lin. It didn’t take long for this nature loving creative to feel at home. Based at Long Jetty, Mowgli Studio is a botanical oasis that combines Stef and Cassandra’s collective love of art, design and nature, selling everything from hand-painted pots to exotic plants to beautiful sculptures, with a space for creative workshops, too. We chat to Stef about his favourite things to see and do around the Central Coast.

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Stef Rusbourne, Mowgli Studio, Long Jetty

What do you love most about the Coast?

“Being so close to the coast while still having easy access to national parks and the hinterland is the perfect storm for those who crave the outdoors. I’m still only scratching the surface too – there's so much to see.”

What is your favourite local spot for coffee?

Around the Long Jetty area, I would have to say Modern Organic and Lucky Surf & Supply, a surf shop with a coffee bar on the side. If I ever venture further south, I always stop at Like Minds in Avoca and Burnt Honey Bakery in Copacabana – it is definitely a not-so-guilty pleasure.

What is the best outdoor experience you’d recommend for a taste of the Coast? 

Start with sunrise at Avoca Beach, followed by a slow brew at Like Minds in their outdoor garden, then head off to Bouddi National Park to explore the forest walks and hidden treasures that adorn that beautiful place.

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Burnt Honey Bakery, Photo by Jacs Powell
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Lucky Surf & Supply, Photo by Jacs Powell

If your friend is visiting, where is the first place you would take them?

I always take friends and family to Flour and Co. bakery to grab a brekky burrito, then we head down to Toowoon Bay. I am still amazed at how stunning the stretch of coastline is around there.

Where would you recommend is best for shopping locally?

Being a Long Jetty local, I tend to be slightly biased toward our neck of the woods. I love that there is a bit of everything on offer: from organic hemp clothing, to vintage threads, to records, to designer boutique stores, as well as wellness stores. You might not know what you’re looking for but you’ll definitely find it in Long Jetty.

Describe a typical day on the Central Coast for you…

I’m a bit of a sucker for the sunrise and sunset, so I try my best to fit at least one (if not both) into my day. A Central Coast sunset over Tuggerah Lake foreshore, at the actual ‘Long Jetty’ is one of a kind. A swim is never far behind and there’s always a pit stop available at one of many local cafés for a hot coffee.  

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Flour and Co, Photo by Grace Picot
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The Long Jetty