The Central Coast's Only Smash & Splatter Rooms

Smash You - 1/22 Barralong Rd Erina

A Bit About Smash You

Smash You is a fun and safe environment to blow off some steam and release stress, or simply share some laughs with your mates. It is purpose-built with four smash rooms, two paint splatter rooms, and a throw zone. Over being in lockdown? Homeschooling got you pulling your hair out? Stressed from work? Partner stressing you? Kids? An Ex? Smash You is the place for you! 

Smash Rooms

  • 18+ only - four rooms available
  • Get a private room, crate of smashable items, weapons wall and your own device dock and speakers so you can pick your own rage out music and film the destruction
  • Each room has a viewing window and camera so your friends can watch along if you choose
  • Extras available include TVs, Guitars, Dryers, Colour Powder Smashes and heaps more

Splatter Rooms

  • 8+ only (must have participating adult if under 18)
  • Rooms can accommodate 1-4 people with each person getting paint pots, spray bottles, balloons, brushes, a tennis racquet
  • Extras available include colour powder-filled pinatas and paint balloon dartboards. 

On top of this, Smash You also has a Throw Zone set up for those wanting a little something extra to add to your session. Four people can use this at a time, throwing bottles and balls at targets such as plates hanging from the room and car bonnet on the back wall. 

Click on the "Tickets" button below to see their website. 

Check out their socials for weekly specials: @smashyoucentralcoast on FB and Insta 

1/22 Barralong Rd, Erina NSW, Australia
See map
Opening Times:

5pm-9pm FRI (Smash/Throw Only)
10am-6pm SAT
11am-6pm SUN


Opening today: 29 Nov 2021
see phone number 0432 549 036
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