Strickland - An Online Photography Exhibition

Explore the emerald jewel of the coast

A unique exploration of Strickland State Forest, NSW, Australia with photographer, Shayne Leslie.​

Discover places unseen. Be captivated by the beauty. Bathe in the emerald green.​

Strickland State Forest on Darkinjung Country, is a special place and a living exhibition of exceptionally diverse forest habitats. From wildflowers and dry heath woodland in the north, tall eucalypts on its slopes through to lush rainforest in the south.

The rainforest is full of blacks and dark green with rich hues of magenta and reds from the forest floor. The bold yellow sun often slices through the canopy creating a golden hue. Walk slowly, and wildflowers shine through the scrubby undergrowth.

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Opens 6pm 14 October 2021.
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Opening Times:

Opens 6pm 14 October 2021.

Access 24/7 until 9 December 2021

Opening today: 27 Oct 2021
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