Plant-focused Survival - White Patch Courses

Join Jake Cassar for a 2 full day (1 night) crash course in plant-focused survival with plenty of information for everyone to help them to get started on their journey of safe and sustainable foraging and bushcraft skills. Learn how to use a wide variety of useful wild plants from one of Australia's most experienced teachers. This interactive, upbeat and informative weekend with Jake is designed for you to:

  • be educated and build confidence in regard to identifying and using edible and medicinal native and introduced plants
  • learn fundamental survival skills (fire, shelter, water and food)
  • establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the land and all its inhabitants
  • Important advice on safe and sustainable foraging
  • learn the fundamentals of tracking
  • preparation ideas and tasting wild food
  • sustainability & environmental awareness
  • discover various bird calls and information regarding other wildlife in the area
  • campfire stories, music and bushcraft related discussions


While this is an introductory weekend course (level one White Patch), it is arguably one of Australia's most comprehensive courses for edible and medicinal, native and introduced plants (weeds). Suited to ethical omnivores, vegetarians and vegans and anyone wishing to learn more about medicinal & edible wild plants. Jake will be cramming in as much information as possible, so be prepared to take a lot of notes.

Jake Cassar Bushcraft (JCB) acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and Elders past, present and emerging. JCB strives to interact with the land and all its inhabitants with the utmost respect. 

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Mangrove Mountain NSW, Australia
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Next date: 10 Dec 2022
see phone number 0405 424 124
Organised by: Jake Cassar Bushcraft Tours See host information
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