Banner Image: Ken Knight: Antarctica
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Banner Image: Ken Knight: Antarctica
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Ken Knight: Antarctica (6 Feb - 21 Mar 2021)

Free entry, no booking required.


In February 2020 renowned plein-air artist Ken Knight travelled to Antarctica with 90 kg of painting equipment and two large carrying cases to transport wet paintings. During five days traversing the Antarctic circle and environs he produced a phenomenal seventy-five paintings. This exhibition of his plein-air impressions is accompanied by a suite of studio paintings inspired by his experience of the “elemental and sacred” continent of Antartica.


It was an amazing experience. There is something elemental and sacred about the continent of Antartica. It is not owned by any one nation, and because of this the Antarctica Treaty protects the resources and environment from any development. It is fragile, primeval and beautiful. It is a landscape contradiction…an ice-clad mountainous landscape in a maritime setting. I found it captivating to paint a landscape that is relatively untouched by human contact or interference due to its remoteness and harsh climate. I found it particularly relevant to paint a continent that is being threatened by climate change.  The small plein air paintings were painted quickly and have a directness and freshness that could only be achieved by being there. On my return, I then spent six months painting large works in the studio, and these are different again. At a time when so much of the planet is being threatened by uncertainty, unwelcome human development and climate change, I found it overwhelming to be in one of the most remarkable and inspiring landscapes I have had the privilege to visit.


 - Ken Knight, September 2020 


About the Artist


Ken Knight is an awarded self-taught plein air painter from the Central Coast who has been exhibiting since 1979. His expressive style maintains an intriguing tension between naturalism and abstraction that has been informed by extensive overseas study in England, France, the United States of America, Egypt, India, Turkey, Iran and Italy. He has held solo exhibitions throughout Australia and in London, UK and Auckland, New Zealand. His work is represented in public, corporate and private collections throughout the world.


Gosford Regional Gallery, 36 Webb Street, East Gosford NSW, Australia
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9:30 - 16:00, Mon-Sun

Opening today: 28 Feb 2021
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Organised by: Gosford Regional Gallery and Edogawa Commemorative Garden See host information
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36 Webb Street, East Gosford NSW, Australia